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Valmor Prize 2013-2016 - The best architecture of Lisbon

Created in 1902 to award the best architectural works of Lisbon, the annual Valmor Prize is still considered the most prestigious Portuguese award for Architecture. The prize is given by the municipality of Lisbon to be distributed in equal parts among the architect and the promoter. For more than a century, the Valmor Prize has been inspiring the the excellence of Lisbon architecture, stimulating the greater public awareness of buildings. Last December 18th the winners of the Valmor Prize - editions 2013 to 2016 - were announced. In total 13 buildings were awarded, four 1 st prizes and nine Honourable Mentions. In order to better promote the four prize winners, the municipality together with the Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa have been organizing visits to the buildings and lectures oriented by the awarded architects. LisboaArchitecture Walks &Trips has been covering these events to further advance interesting details related to the awarded buildings.

Lisbon Riverfront

Lisboa Architecture Walks & Trips has now a new thematic walking tour available. Join us to Explore Lisbon Riverfront, its past and present redevelopment. Lisbon’s architecture fits the idea of a changing urban landscape, oriented towards the future and ever linked to its millennial origin as a port-city... continue reading on Lisboa Architecture Walks & Trips website blog.

Maritime Traffic Control Centre by Gonçalo Byrne

Yesterday’s afternoon walk was special. We entered the premises of the Port of Lisbon to have an attentive look at the remarkable maritime traffic control centre, in Algés. Seen from far away it is a small tower, which scale gradually expands as we approach it. Nearby it is powerful! The building stands on an advanced jetty, from which it leans expressively around 9 meters south over the water. Like an Italic tower (architect Manuel Graça dias, 2004). As pointed by the architect Gonçalo Byrne “it is an object that progressively dematerializes”.  It has a 19 x 13 meters stone base supporting a solid copper-cladding trapezoidal volume, topped by a translucent cabin overlooking the ocean. It raises 9 floors above the ground level / 36 meters. The maritime traffic control centre is located in Algés, the transition district between the city and the “Linha” – the Atlantic coast line of Lisbon. It distinctively signs the turning point between the river Tejo and the Ocean.

Lisbon's Best Building of 2017

Lisboa Architecture Walks & Trips opens 2018 with a new Blog! During the past year we have been publishing about relevant issues within Lisbon's architectural scene and about Portuguese architecture and architects in other parts of the country as well. To access these articles, please have a look at LISBOA ARCHITECTURE WALKS & TRIPS WEBSITE In 2018, we will keep you updated about relevant news related to the architectural and urban transformation of Lisbon and about Portuguese architecture in general, focusing the modern and contemporary eras. As Lisbon's best building of 2017, we selected the very new Lisbon's cruise terminal by the Portuguese architect João Luis Carrilho da Graça. People are not sure about the benefits it will bring to the city's socio-economic dynamics in the future but we can get already a clear picture how it relates with the urban setting. The Building occupies a significant position at the riverfront along the old city. Th