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Lisbon’s Tree House by Rebelo de Andrade Architects

The concept underlying this creative project is simple: planting a tree suitable for people to live in. Like for any tree, daylight, water and the site are key. The green façades are covered by autochthonous plants fed by a continuous water / nutrients connection, allowing their slow and healthy growth. Among the species, there are several types of aromatic plants adding fragrances to the indoor spaces: lavender (rooms), rosemary (living rooms), curry (swimming pool) and other. Indoors, the spaces interconnect via a wooden staircase which extends from the entrance floor to the roof terrace. The daylight gets into the house through a skylight above the stairwell and large windows. Multiple reflections of light and space create a welcoming atmosphere, enhanced by the exterior green walls. The environmental comfort inside the house is excellent (...) Continue reading, complete article on our website  Lisboa Architecture Walks & Trips

Lisbon-based ARX Portugal Arquitectos in Ílhavo

The MARITIME MUSEUM, one of the projects by the Lisbon-based ARX ARQUITECTOS in the northern town of ÍLHAVO The first phase of the project focused on the complete renovation and extension of the already existing museum, turning it into a “place of memory” for permanent and temporary exhibitions. The second phase included the construction of two additional spaces: a codfish aquarium and a research centre - CIEMAR. Complete post on our blog: Lisboa Architecture Walks & Trips Post credits and photos by Lisboa Architecture Walks & Trips

Lisbon Public Housing Projects

The first Portuguese initiatives for public housing date back to hundred years ago, but the right to housing was just formally recognized by the present Constitution of Portugal, adopted in 1976. This was an evolutionary process characterized by a progressive decentralization of competences alongside a growing involvement by the architects on public housing issues. We offer insightful tours about the subject. Please have a look on our website: Lisboa Architecture Walks & Trips Keywords and hashtags: #portuguesehousingprojects #socialhosuing #affordablehousing #publichousing #portuguesearchitects