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What’s happening in Lisbon’s historic Baixa?

Physics of The Portuguese Heritage , an exhibition that can be visited until September 2019, at the Museum of Popular Art in Belem (Lisbon). It proposes a critical look into contemporary interventions in the Portuguese built heritage, showcasing it in 3 states: "solid", "liquid" and "gaseous", referring the latter state to the abrupt, abusive, and destructive transformations happening in the historic Baixa (s) of Lisbon and Porto. Not to be missed! Cities are like archives, and the history of the present is - it seems – contemporary globalisation. The Portuguese capital city, Lisboa, is not really a power player within the present world system; it is nonetheless being challenged by the impact of a growing worldwide process of interconnectedness (1), including mass tourism, considerable real-estate investment and speculation. In the 21st century, only the unwise city would surrender to financial interest, sacrificing its historic built her