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Aldo Van Eyck on Display in Lisboa

Unfortunately, some exhibits that we would like to stay permanently are only temporary. This is the case with Art on Display that could be visited until yesterday at the Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, in Lisbon. Among other installations, the work by Aldo Van Eyck stood out with reproductions of the Pavilion designed by the Dutch architect in 1965-1966, for the 5th International sculpture exhibition ’66 in Arnhem, The Netherlands. F. C. Gulbenkian displayed the pavilion in two fragments: one inside the main gallery, and the other in the outside grounds of the museum complex. The scenery proposed by Van Eyck works as an urban space where one walks with stops at contemplation spaces. The material is simple - prefabricated concrete blocks, the effect is of incredible beauty. The sculptures stand out in all their glamour in the brutalist materiality of concrete, and especially on the outdoor installation under the diffuse light, entering via the transparent roof. Sin