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Modern heritage NOVA OEIRAS

The Urbanization Plan of the Residential Unit of Nova Oeiras, developed between 1953 and 1974, is one the most successful and qualified projects in the context of modern urbanism in Portugal, and yet one of the least known. The Residential District of Nova Oeiras has been proposed by the Municipality of Oeiras for the list of candidate sites for World Heritage by UNESCO in 2015, and is part of the List of major works of the Modern Heritage of the Iberian Peninsula elaborated by the Iberian DOCOMOMO since 2017. The application process is based on the information in “The Book of Nova Oeiras” (ed. Of the Municipality of Oeiras, 2015), dedicated to the landscape architect Gonçalo Ribeiro Telles (designer of green / public spaces) and coordinated by the architects José Manuel Fernandes and Maria Lurdes Janeiro, themselves residents of the neighborhood. NOVA OEIRAS IS A REMARKABLE SITE , with more than five decades of existence, integrating, in a mixed model, the principles defen

Museu do Dinheiro, culture and architecture - Valmor Prize 2014

The Museu do Dinheiro ( museum of the money) is well representative of the cultural dimension of architecture.  The works to establish the museum in the old building of the Church of S. Julião are exemplary in showing how to integrate the historic heritage in a contemporary architectural project. The Museu do Dinheiro, in Lisbon, occupies the space of an old church - S. Julião, built as part of a Pombaline block with a project by Reinaldo dos Santos, in 1764. After a fire in 1816, the church collapsed and has then been rebuilt over the following decades. In 1933 the building was bought by the Bank of Portugal, which had already its headquarters on the same block. Since then, the old church was used by the bank as a place to keep the vaults, as a garage, etc. Within the context of a general plan for the revitalization of Baixa Pombalina (2006), the Bank of Portugal decided to convert the old church, already in decay, into a museum. A public tender was launched in 2007, and am