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Lisbon – European Green Capital 2020

Lisbon Architecture Walks & Trips welcomed in Lisbon a team from the Planning and Construction Services Agency at the Oslo City Council. We have explored together the achievements, challenges and ambitions of being the European Green Capital. After Oslo, Lisbon will follow in 2020. The EGCA was conceived by the European Commission (in 2010) to prize local efforts and commitment to improve the environment, economy and quality of life in urban areas with more than 10.000 inhabitants. Lisbon has applied in 2018, together with Ghent (Belgium) and Lahti (Finland) and it was the first southern European city being awarded the prize.  It receives €350.000 as a financial incentive from the European Commission to initiate its green capital year. Major investments promoted as green within the municipal sustainability agenda focus on the city’s riverfront redevelopment, the green urban structure and urban mobility. A General Plan for Drainage will be implemented by the end of 2030,

Touring Brussels Architecture

Lisboa Architecture Walks & Trips was touring in Brussels (Bruxelles). In the Belgian capital the spoken language is French but when you cross the borders of the city people speak Dutch, Brussels is surrounded by Flanders. Belgium is a multicultural country full of contrasts, and so is Brussels – a very bustling city, driven by flows of people of around 170 nationalities, thriving businesses, powerful institutions and ongoing construction. The architecture is as rich as varied. The many architectural styles coexist, side by side, in permanent negotiation.  Compared to Lisbon (city), Brussels (capital region) is not much bigger in size (100 km2 to 161 km2). Brussels is nonetheless more densely populated, richer, and engaged in continuous activity and development. Brussels capital region comprises of 19 semi-autonomous municipalities, linked together by a complex public transportation network (which is constantly being improved). The EU quarters are located in the centr