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The Teatro Azul, an urban landmark

In every city, the Teatro Azul / Blue Theater would be easily recognized as a landmark, with its expressive structure, covered with deep blue ceramic tiles. Strolling around the narrow streets surrounding the building, there is always more to explore than our eyes can reach. The complex geometry of the construction - with multiple, intertwined, and irregular volumes - establishes a strong relation with the hybrid urban background, and at the same time it radically contrasts with it. The Teatro Azul is “spirited”. It is a singular entity (almost irreverent), inseparable from its programmatic aim and urban context. It was designed to “add sense to the pre-existent built environment, to give a new shape to the city, reintroducing meanings” (Manuel Graça Dias, 2005). The interiors are equally vibrant, original, welcoming – inspiring the artists and the public. The stage is one of the best in the country, and the most important Portuguese theater festival is hosted here / The Festiva